Adding a Calendar Event

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only.

Firstly, click on the Calendar link on your submenu in the top right hand corner of your board.

When the Calendar page loads, look for the button that appears to the left of the current month and year. This button allows you to add new events. Click this button.

If this image is not present, there is also a text link at the bottom left of the page titled Add New Event.

Add New Event Options

The Add New Event page has several options you can use to configure how the event appears to your members.

Event Title This is the name of the event as it will appear in the Calendar to your members.

Date For Event This option has several sub categories:

  • Event On/Starts You can either set a start date for a ranged event, or set a date for a one day event.
  • Ranged Event… Select this option if you wish for your event to cover over one day:
    • Ends Set the date you wish the ranged event to end/
    • Background If you set a color, it will appear behind the event title in the Calendar
    • Text This option will change the color of the event title text in the Calendar
  • Recurring Event Select this option if you want a one day event to occur on the same date every Week, Month or Year until you set it not to.

Type of Event This option allows you to make the event viewable by other users, or to act as a reminder and be visible for only you.

Admin Option If you selected to make the event public then with this option you can select which groups can view it.

Enter your Post This section is similar to writing a post within the topic. Use this input to detail what this event is about.

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