Topics "disappearing"

This article covers several solutions when it appears topics are disappearing from view.

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only.

Cut Off Date Adjustments

If the cut off date for a specific forum is too short, topics with no new posts after the set value will be hidden from view.

To adjust this, log into your ACP and locate the Manage Forums link in the left hand navigate menu, under the header Forum Control.

Click on Settings for each forum. Locate Default date cut off for topic display and increase the cut off period. If you want all topics to display select Show All.

Number of Topics per Page

Log into your ACP. In the left hand navigation menu find the System Settings category, and click on Topics, Posts & Polls.

Number of topics per forum page should be set to a value greater than 0. If it's set to 0 then no topics will display.

User Groups Adjustments

This fix should be followed if you do not recieve an error message when viewing a forum. Log into your ACP. In the left hand navigation menu find the Users & Groups category and click on Manage User Groups. Then click Edit Group for each usergroup.

Check that the Can view other members topics? option is set to Yes.

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