Forums not Displaying on the Index

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only.

If you have added forums and categories to your board in the ACP but they are not displaying on the index page, then you have most likely not set up your permissions masks correctly.

To fix this, firstly log into your ACP. On the left hand navigation menu locate the category titled Forum Control and click on Manage Forums.

In line with each forum created there is a link titled Permissions, click this.

The table that is displayed allows for certain permission masks (paired to specific usergroups) to either Read, Reply, Start or Upload within this specific forum.

  • Read allows users to read the topics and posts present within a forum.
  • Reply allows users to reply and add new posts to an existing topic.
  • Start allows users to start their own topic in this forum.
  • Upload allows users to upload files from their computers and attach them to a post.

If none of these options are ticked, then the forum will not display.

When you have finished click Edit This Forum.

It didn't work!

Please see the following page if you have made the changes to your forum permission sets and still do not see your forums:

Invisible Categories

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