BBCode Bug Fix

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only.
This work-a-round is for users of the Mozilla Firefox browser only at the current time. Firefox users will also need the Greasemonkey add-on installed.

The zIFBoards software has a bug within the BBCode feature, which causes tags to be placed at the end of the post you are writing, instead of replacing highlighted text.

For example, let's say I wanted to make a certain word bold. I would first type out the word; highlight it; and then click the B button. This would be when text should be replaced, with the bold tags appended and prepended like so:

Hi, I am bolding [b]some text[/b] in this sentence.

What actually happens is this:

Hi, I am bolding some text in this sentence.[b][/b]

This is where the feature is no longer a feature, but more of an annoyance.

A Temporary Personal Solution

All is not lost, however, as there is a temporary fix to this issue, which involves the use of a Greasemonkey script to 'fix' the bug; and allow us to correctly highlight and tag words after we have created a post.

To use this script:

Clicking the direct file link will provide an option to have Greasemonkey automatically install it for you. If not, you can save the file and install it yourself.

You can also view the codes page at

For Your Board

There is a code you can install to fix this problem for the members on your board: Fix BBCode Wrapping

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