Trash and Spam Management

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only.

Once in a while you might find it necessary to remove a number of topics on your forum from the public eye. If your forum has a lot of old posts and you're in the mood to do a bit of 'spring cleaning', you're in the right place. This article will introduce you to a popular method of archiving your forum's posts. Effective waste management can help any forum look nice and shiny again!

Create an Archive

We begin by creating an archive for your forum. This archive will act just like a regular forum, but we'll give it a few special qualities to make it function a bit differently than the rest. If you haven't done so already, log into your admin control panel. On the left-hand navigational menu, select the New Forum link. Select a location for your trash can, and change the Forum State drop down option to Read Only Archive. Go ahead and name your archive anything you fancy. Need some suggestions? Try “Trash Can”, “Rubbish”, “Spam”, or simply “Old Posts”. You may also choose to add a description to this forum. Scroll down to the Permission Access Levels section and be sure you grant read access only to your staff members (or whoever you want to view the archive forum). Save these changes.

Topic Multi-Moderation

Now that our forum has been set up, it's time to utilize the power of multi-moderation tools. This will allow us to quickly and effectively move a large number of topics to the archive forum (no matter where we are on your board). To start, click the Topic Multi-Moderation link on the left-hand navigational menu. Start the process of adding a new tool by selecting the Add New button. It's time to think again! We need a name for your multi-mod. It's recommended that you name it similarly to the forum we set up in the previous section of this documentation. If you named your archive “Trash Can”, you may wish to name your multi-mod “Move to Trash Can”. Next you will need to select which forums you will be able to use the tool from. Select all of the forums you feel you'll be needing to archive posts from. Now head down to the Move topic? option. Select your newly created archive forum from the list of choices available. Do not mark the check box that will leave a source to the topic. Save your changes.

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