Mod CP Overview

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only.

The moderator control panel is a useful and important feature for any zIFBoards forum. Inside the control panel moderators will have permission to edit member accounts and directly edit forums they are in control of. This documentation article will explain in detail the features of the moderator control panel and how those tools might be used to succcessfully moderator a forum.

Accessing the Mod CP

For those users who have access, the moderator control panel link can be found on the Logged in as: line on your forum. Users who do not have access to the Mod CP will be unable to see this on your forum. All one must do to log into the control panel is click “Mod CP” link. Login is automatic and no password is required.

After logging in, moderators will have immediate access to the forums that they are in control of. These forums will be listed on the bottom portion of the screen. A small navigation bar is also available upon login. This bar contains two links. The Manage Your Forums link will take moderators back to the index of the CP. The Manage Members link will offer your moderators a web form where they may search up and edit any user account on your forum (with the exception of administrators).

Manage Your Forums

This section of the moderator control panel offers three options per forum that is selected. The Moderate New Topic Queue option will allow moderators to approve or delete topics in the event a forum administrator has placed a member on mod queue, or has requested that new topics in the forum must be approved before they are submitted. The Moderate New Post Queue functions just like the topic tool, but will allow the approval or deletion of posts instead of topics. The Mass Move/Prune Topics option allows for a moderator to move a large number of topics or delete a large number of topics based on certain criteria. All of these tool are extremely useful!

Manage Members

Perhaps one of the most commonly used moderation tools, the Manage Members section allows for a moderator to search up any user and directly edit their account details. A moderator will be able to remove a user's avatar, delete their photo, change their website, location, interests and signature all from this section. Moderators do not have the priviledge of editing an administrators account.

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