Private Messaging

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only.

Private Messaging (under Inbox) allows members to send and receive PM's from other members. This system acts similarly to an email service contained within the board.

When you view the main index page of the board, the Inbox link will display the number of new messages next to it contained within parenthesis. Clicking on it will bring you to your inbox, where you can manage your messages.

Increasing Storage Capacity

You may find it necessary to increase the storage capacity of a group's Inbox. zIFBoards does not limit the amount of PMs your board can store, so you can set the capacity to unlimited if you wish.

zIFBoards suffers from a bug in which PM folders may reach capacity even when they appear to be empty. The only solution is to grant the group unlimited storage capacity.

To do this, firstly log into your Admin CP. Click on Manage User Groups which will be on your left under the Users and Groups category.

Click on the Edit Group link next to the group that you want to have an unlimited amount of storage space. Scroll down to Max. Number of storable messages? under Global Permissions. In the box type 0(zero).

Scroll down and click on the Complete Edit button.

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