Additional Bulletin Board Code (BBCode)

The following documentation applies to zIFBoards only.

The following examples of BBCode are not listed in the BB Code Help pop-up that appears under the emoticon box on the posting page.

Text Alteration Codes

Alignment Codes

BBCode [align=left]Text-Left[/align] [align=center]Text-Center[/align] [align=right]Text-Right[/align]
Result Text-Left Text-Center Text-Right

Subscript and Superscript

The use of [sub][/sub] and [sup][/sup] tags will create subscript and superscript respectively

Additional Syntax

Horizontal Rule

[hr] This creates a horizontal rule. For example:

/me Code

/me Is the BBCode used when typing in third person, for example:

/me goes to the shops

will appear as:

ZetaBoards Docuwiki goes to the shops

Letter like symbols


will create the copyright symbol ©


will create the registered symbol ®


wil create the trademark symbol

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