Board Online / Offline

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only

This page lets you effectively disable users from accessing your board. This can be useful if you'd like to perform some important changes to your board, but don't want your members seeing these changes until they're finished.

Turning the board offline still allows users to see the design of your board, but they won't be able to access any forums, topics or use any feature on your board.

You'll find the controls for this option in your AdminCP menu: System Settings > Board on/off

Turn the board offline?: This option controls whether or not your board is offline or not. You'll want this option set to “No” unless you want to disable your board.

The offline message to display: If you'd like to display a message to your users explaining why the board is offline, you can enter your message in this box. Your members will see this message when they try to access the board while it's offline. This is optional, however.

Be advised that turning your board offline will not allow you to reset your password. As such, you could end up locking yourself out of your board completely should you forget your password while the board is offline. Ensure you write down your password prior to using this feature.

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