Board Guidelines

This documentation applies to zIFBoards only

This section of the Admin CP allows you to create a page on your board which is accessible to users. This page is most commonly used to list the rules and guidelines which users must follow, but you could easily use it for any other information you'd like to display to your users.

Show link in header to guidelines?: Your members will need someway to access the guidelines page. Enabling this option places a link to your page next to the Portal link on your board.

Title to use in header?: The link to your page can be given a custom title. For example, you could call it “Board Guidelines”, or “Member Information”.

Guidelines/Rules text This is the contents of your page. Anything you enter here will be what your members see when they access the page.

HTML is supported in the Guidelines/Rules text box. This allows you to format and customize your guidelines the way you want.

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