Zathyus Documentation License

The Zathyus Documentation License (hereafter referred to as “the License”) is an agreement between users of this wiki (“users”, “members”, “you”) and Zathyus Networks, Inc. (“Zathyus Networks”, “we”, “us”). The License consists of two parts: reproduction and contributions. Reproduction covers the terms by which others may reuse the content of this wiki (hereafter referred to as “the Documentation”). Contribution covers the terms under which others submit documentation to this wiki.


Most licenses attempt to restrict your freedom to copy. In contrast, we hope that you will share this documentation with others and learn from it. At the same time, however, our documentations are intellectual property that must be protected. By accessing this wiki, you agree to the following terms when reproducing or reusing the Documentation.

1. Location of Publication

You may only publish the Documentation on a forum hosted by ZetaBoards or zIFBoards.

2. Attribution

The Documentation that is reproduced by you must contain a link back to this wiki and attribution to Zathyus Networks’ ownership of the content. The following is an example of acceptable attribution:

This documentation is ©2012 Zathyus Networks, Inc. as part of the ZetaBoards Documentation Project.

The notice must be displayed on every page that uses content from the Documentation. You may not display the notice on a “copyright page” or an “index page”.

3. Integrity of the Documentation

You may make changes in the format of the Documentation to make its appearance and presentation consistent with the pages that display it. You may not modify the content or text of the Documentation.

4. Revocation/Termination of the License

This License is not perpetual and may be revoked by us at any time.

5. Changes to the License

Zathyus Networks, Inc. reserves the right to modify any and all terms and conditions set forth within this document. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing this document, and by continued usage our services or products, signify acceptance and agreement to such changes.

None of the above terms preclude Zathyus Networks, Inc. from making separate licensing arrangements with interested parties. Please contact us if you are interested in such an arrangement.

For licensing information on the “Zathyus Networks, Inc” Logos and Marks, click here.


1. Rights to Contributed Content

All articles, or revisions to existing articles, accepted for publication in the Documentation become the sole property of Zathyus Networks to be modified and reused as we see fit. Users may reuse their contributions in accordance with the “Reproduction” section of this document.

2. Attribution

Minor revisions to existing Documentation will not receive attribution. Major revisions to existing Documentation will receive attribution in the revision log of the corresponding wiki page. New articles will receive attribution, in the form of the user's Zathyus Networks Support username, at the bottom of the wiki page. However, we reserve the right not to attribute submitted articles for any reason.

3. Submission Guidelines

Submissions should conform to the Documentation Style Guide (though the exact wiki markup is not a requirement). We reserve the right to reject submissions, for any reason, or without stating a reason.

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