Getting and Installing Themes

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

While knowledge of HTML and CSS is useful when creating themes, anyone can add a new theme. First, find an appropriate theme for your board. TheZetaBoards Theme Gallery on our Official Support Forum has a vast collection of themes ready to be installed. Alternatively, try one of the boards in the Forum Services category of the ZetaBoards Forum Directory.

Creating a New Theme

Once you have found a theme to install on the board, go the Themes page of the Admin CP. Under the Zeta Original theme, click Create a new theme based on Zeta Original. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the name of the new theme.
  2. Leave “Theme Width” as the default setting unless the theme you have acquired specifies otherwise.
  3. Set “Active” to Yes.
  4. Replace the URL of the <img> element in the Logo field with the URL to your logo. Depending on the theme, you may want to use a different logo.
  5. Click Create new skin.

The new theme will now appear on the Themes page. At the moment, it has the same appearance, images, and layout as the default ZetaBoards theme. Follow the instructions below to finish installing the theme.

Some themes will come with additional special instructions or codes to help make the theme function. Follow these instructions to the best of your ability. If you need help, try consulting the creator of the theme (or posting in the place where you found the theme). If you still require assistance, please open a theme ticket. The extent of support we can offer for themes is limited.

Replacing the Appearance

Click Edit Theme Appearance under the new theme. Delete the contents of the text area. Copy and paste the stylesheet for the new theme into the text area, and then click Edit CSS.

Replacing the Images

Main article: Editing Theme Images

Depending on the theme, the images may already be hosted on ZetaBoards. In that case, you can copy and paste the URLs for each image into the appropriate fields by clicking on Edit Theme Images. If the theme creator is hosting the images on an external service, or provides the images for download, you should upload the images through File Manager or in posts.

Replacing the Layout

Click Edit Theme Layout under the new theme. Replace the contents of the “Header/Logo” field with the new theme's layout.

The following tags should appear in the theme layout to preserve normal board functionality. They can be rearranged or wrapped in HTML to achieve different layouts and effects.

  • <!– TOPMENU –> is the menu at the very top of the board (by default) with links to user preferences, the inbox, etc.
  • <!– HEADER –> is the board logo.
  • <!– SUBMENU –> is the menu below the board logo, with links to the search page, members list, etc.
  • <!– NAV –> is the navigation trail.
  • <!– BOARD –> is the board itself.

Setting the Default Theme

If you want to set the new theme as the default theme for guests and new users, go to the Themes page in the Admin CP. Select the name of the theme from the Default Theme dropdown menu and click Submit.

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