Board Wrappers / Template Full

This documentation applies to both zIFBoards
and ZetaBoards

If your board wrappers (zIFBoards), or your board template (ZetaBoards), reaches it's character limit and you do not wish to remove anything you can use this method to increase your space while keeping the coding on your forum.

Hosting scripts externally

  • Firstly, copy all of the coding from your forum into a word processing document, the easiest piece of software to use is Notepad or similar.
Separate out coding dependent on which part of your wrappers/template it needs to go. For example one document for Header & Body, one for Footer (zIFBoards) and one document for Above the Board (ZetaBoards)
  • Remove all tags from your coding, this includes opening tags and closing tags such as <script type=“text/javascript”> and </script>.
  • Then, save your document with a file suffix of .js. To do this, Save as type needs to be set as All Files. Simply enter a title for the document and add .js to the end. For example: forumcodesfooter.js
For zIFBoards, you may need to use the file type .ibf instead of .js
  • Upload the file to your forum in a post. Once upload, right click on the file and select Copy Link Location.
  • Navigate to either your Board Wrappers (zIFBoards) or your Template (ZetaBoards) and in the respective input box for each document type in:
<script type="text/javascript" src="URL of Upload"></script>

Paste over URL of Upload with the link location of the file you uploaded.

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