Adding a Favicon

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

A favicon is the tiny image located to the left of a website's URL in the browser's location/address bar. With ZetaBoards, you can easily add a favicon through the Themes section of the Admin CP.

Browsers may display favicons differently. Some browsers will not display a site's favicon unless it is bookmarked. Results may vary.

Uploading a Favicon

In the Themes section, next to Upload Favicon, choose the Browse button to open a file dialogue. Select the image you want to upload.

Your image must be 4 KB or smaller in size. Although any file type will work, use an ICO file for the best compatibility with all browsers. If you do not know how to turn your file into an ICO, use this favicon generator.

Removing a Favicon

To remove your favicon, go to the Themes section of the Admin CP. Next to the Upload Favicon option, click Remove Favicon. Your favicon will be deleted from the board.

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