Custom Banner

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

This documentation will show you how to replace the default ZetaBoards banner image to one of your own.

In the AdminCP menu, find the Themes page and then select Edit Theme Settings for the theme you wish to edit.

In the Logo text field, you will see the follow code:

<img src="" alt="ZetaBoards" />

Replace the banner with your own by inserting the direct link to the banner in place of You may also wish to replace the alternate text ZetaBoards with the name of your forum. This text will display should your banner fail to load.

In order to use a custom banner, it must be hosted. To insure a reliable URL that will always load with your board, upload the banner to your board via your File Manager in the AdminCP. (You can use a third-party hosting site if you prefer.) Once you have the direct image link, place it in between the “ ” and save the settings.

If you plan to have more than one theme, you may find that it is better to upload your images to a post in a staff area. That way, you can organize theme images in their own topics, and you can also edit those images by editing the attachments–something that you cannot do if your uploads are made to the file manager. For more information on how to host your board images this way, please see Enable File Uploads in Posts

To center your banner, please seeCenter Logo/Banner (ZB)

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