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Stephen joined zIFBoards Support forums on April 3rd 2003 under the name Yodaminch. He’s since changed his name along with several other staff members to his real name.

History Lesson

While a member, he was part of the short lived, Seth Fan Club. Shortly before becoming staff on March 27, 2004, he ran the first game of zIFBoards Trivia. The maiden game was a disappointment however, when all the contestants were eliminated. A second game was made soon after and it was during zIFBoards Trivia 2, that Stephen was promoted to Community Moderator. Since then zIFBoards trivia has had several games and versions and other games like zIFBoards Survivor, zIFBoards Drop Outs have been created and enjoyed by the zIFBoards Community.

Online Life

Stephen enjoys Star Wars immensely and plays several video games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2. He can be seen lurking in the IRC room with other staff members. His blog can be viewed at or at Planet Zetaboards

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