My my, it seems you've somehow stumbled across my page. You poor soul. Well since you're here why not make yourself comfortable and have some cake. It's not a lie, I promise.

I first started using zIFBoards in 2004, and ZetaBoards in 2008. Like many who transitioned to the newer software, I haven't really touched zIFBoards since. I can't be bothered to continue editing this tonight so I'll just leave this a right old mess. Ta ta.

I've been using zIFBoards since 2004, but since I started using ZetaBoards in 2008 I've hardly ever touched zIFBoards since then. Having my own board since 2006 is what probably helped me learn enough about both services to give out support that eventually resulted in me becoming part of the Support Team, which I obviously enjoy doing or I wouldn't be here and this page wouldn't even exist. You can find me on both ZNSupport and ZNResources, but I'll mostly be around the former board.


I've always been interested in art, mostly drawing at first, however since helping to start my own board in 2006 I've become a big fan of Graphic Design, which I'm studying in University right now. I also love video-games, which is no surprise if you know the genre of the board I run, and I also enjoy watching anime and reading the occasional manga (even if the only manga I currently read is Bleach).


Did you know if I were to join in with the use of real names for Zathyus Staff my username would be Adam

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