Welcome to my page. :-) *pours you a cold drink and offers a comfy chair*

I've been an zIFBoards board owner since 2006, and still administer that board and others, but also very much enjoy the newer ZetaBoards software. From the start, I was very impressed by the level of support available in this network both from members and support staff, and benefited greatly from that when I started out. It motivated me to help other members in turn as a way to give back to the community. Some of you will know me as HelenaZF. I am now giving back in an official capacity via the Resource & Community team.


My formal training is in performance music: singing, keyboard, flute. Though I have worked in that field, I now work as a freelance commission artist (my main medium is fabric sculpture in designs for iconography) and in event production. Being your own boss is the best. You can check out


Designing in these mediums: fabric sculpture, dance garments, theatrical environments, and computer graphics. Song-writing, liturgical dance and choreography, sampling and judging the best of US midwest barbecue and jazz. Oh yes…and helping y'all…If you've learned something useful…it's good to pass it on.

Random Trivia

  • Countries visited: Canada, Mexico, Israel, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany (however my luggage has been to Singapore and Vietnam)
  • Faves & Craves: fine Kona coffee with real cream, Nutella and pretzels, ocean beach time
  • Preferred Activities: lolling by the pool, lolling at the beach, in fact, any general type of lolling will do.
  • Abhorences: Arrogance, bad coffee, non-cotton socks, green olives, early mornings, the WE channel.
  • Delights: good friends, pfunny conversations, creating beautiful things, spiritual peace
  • Favorite Pithy Quote: There's a lot to be said for brevity.

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