Joining the support team September 2015. Joined ZetaBoards in 2010.


Starting with no interest in support and coding, I joined a Pokemon-oriented gaming forum called Magikarp Café. I reached out from there to several other communities, eventually making my way to the official Support board and its Resource counterpart (ZNS and ZNR, respectively). After many requests and questions, my interest in coding began. I started with coding themes for ZetaBoards with the help of my fellow ZNSR - what I like to call Zathyus Network Support and Resources - staff member, Cody. Eventually, after thousands of tiny requests from friends to help me write some jQuery for my themes, I started to learn it myself as well. That's when I really became more interested in the official ZB boards since I was able to fulfill requests and help people make their boards more unique, fun, and interesting.

Interests, Online and Off


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