I joined ZNR (IFSZ at the time) in October of 2003 and ZNS a month later. Since that time, I have had four different user names; registering under Set Korden, Diluted. came shortly after I was promoted staff on ZNR, Ecliptica followed after I resigned and finally Brendan came recently with my promotion to the Network Team.

ZNR History

Shortly after joining in '03 I didn't visit ZNR for about a year, still active on a friend's board though. When it started going downhill, he told me about ZNR. I came back and was active until 2007, I would pop in every now and then for about two years and I started being active again last fall. I was made an “elite member” around a year after I returned and was promoted to Ripper Report Staff a month after that. Two months passed and I was promoted to Manager, after eight months I asked to step down from the Manager position and to be place back on the team. A year and a few days after that I decided to step down from that position and I took my second break from forums. As I said earlier, I would pop in every couple weeks or so to check up on things and I didn't really stick around until the anniversary happened. Ever since then I have been on ZNR and re-promoted to the Network Team, now known as the Community Team after the merge of the support and resource boards.

Off Board Interests/Random Facts

  • Born in Northern Ontario
  • Raised in Southern Ontario
  • Currently live in Southern Ontario

I'll let you figure out the towns.

  • Second Year College Student - Studying Horticulture
  • Play baseball on a local “dummy” league - our team rocks
  • Avid Paintballer - Compete nationally with my team “Arctic Storm”, placed third last year

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