Aaron has been serving on the ZetaBoards Community Moderator team since Dec 10 2005, back when ZB was known as zIFBoards. Aaron is normally found on his computer or laptop all hours of the day.

Aaron was in Key Club where he is webmaster of his district (basically the state of Michigan's Key Club's web site). He was also in National Honor Society. His school's audition choir has won many national and international awards for their singing. Aaron enjoys his choir, music of almost all types(Beatles and oldies are extremely enjoyed by him), using his computer, reading books, Star Wars. Phantom of the Opera, other musicals, and increasing his geekyness as much as he can.

Aaron now in college now majoring in Computer Science.

Aaron is probably one of the shyest of the staff, for he often finds himself deciding not to post something even after he put a lot of work into it. Aaron avoids ripping reports at all costs. He is often found lurking on the board and IRC channel. Aaron is also possibly one of the worst spellers on the staff.

Aaron has a blog but he does not really use it. it can be found Here

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