The Network Staff

Our staff work constantly to ensure the highest-quality experience for you, both on your own board and on our official support and resource forum. We are divided into several areas, based on concentration.

Zathyus Management & Team Leaders
Support Board Administrators are responsible for the operation of the support forums (and the network as a whole). zIFBoards and ZetaBoards requires a high tier of management. Together they oversee the workings of the various projects and teams to ensure the network operates smoothly. These fierce crusaders monitor the servers, manage the documentation project and plan for the bright future of the service just to name a few. Staff members include:
Name Position Details Staff Since
Brandon Network Admin Owner / Lead Developer Founder - September 2002
Stephen Community Admin Community Team Leader March 2004
Nicolas Support Admin Support Team Leader May 2009
Zathyus Support Team
Our Support Team consists of hand-picked individuals based on their ability to provide you and your forum world-class support. Primarily the members of this team are responsible for answering Support Tickets and addressing user posted questions on our Support Forum. Due to their involvement within the forum itself, these worker bees also have full moderation privileges to help our Community Moderators. Staff members include:
Name Position Staff Since
Ben Support Team July 2005
Jonathan Support Team May 2008
Moonface Support Team August 2010
Liam Support Team February 2011
Roby Support Team February 2011
Joe Support Team September 2015
DaPizzaMan Support Team September 2015
Zathyus Community Team
Our Community Moderators are responsible for the well-being of the Support Forum and work hard to maintain a friendly atmosphere for network users. They put forth great effort to stop PM spam and advertising, move topics to the right sections, and uphold the rules and guidelines that allow our forum to operate smoothly. Equipped with an arsenal of moderation tools, this pack of wolves is ready to get the job done and make sure you have a great browsing experience! Staff members include:
Name Position Staff Since
Aaron Community Team December 2005
ElementalAlchemist Community Team January 2010
Brendan Community Team September 2010
Helena Community Team April 2011

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