zIFBoards to ZetaBoards Conversion Information

zIFBoards boards can opt into the conversion queue at any point from their admin control panel. To do this, simply click on the Convert to ZetaBoards menu option, located on the left hand side of your screen. Select the conversion option that sounds best for you, and save your changes. This is all you are required to do. The conversion to ZetaBoards is free, and can be selected at any time. There is no need to rush into the decision if you are unsure whether or not ZetaBoards is right for you.

We recommend that you try our new service before making the switch. To register your free ZetaBoards message board, click here.

What is Converted?

  • Topics, Posts, Polls, Forums & Categories
  • Board Settings, Admin notepad, Board rules & Badword lists
  • Member accounts, Personal Messages, forum/topic subscriptions and settings
  • Permission masks, Group Settings & Moderators
  • Board Stats, Moderator logs, warn logs, email logs, and admin logs
  • Calendar events
  • Emoticons (smilies), Titles & Ranks
  • AutoTools (MultiMods)
  • Attachments, pips, and uploaded files
  • Ad Removal & Disk Space Plans

Essentially, all of your forum's information is converted.

What is NOT converted?

When will my zIFBoards board be Converted?

As soon as you opt in, the conversion will start, and in most cases, the process will be complete within less than a minute.

Your forum's size will affect the time the actual conversion takes. The larger the forum - the longer the actual converting will take. Some boards may take up to an hour (or more) to convert.

Conversion Facts

  • The conversion is completely free.
  • You do not need to turn your board offline, but during the opt-in process you can select to have your newly converted board turned offline so you can make any changes before members start using it. You will not be able to access your board during the conversion.
  • You do not have to do anything in preparation for the conversion, although you will need to find a new skin, or convert your current skin so it's compatible with ZetaBoards. Your board wrappers will also not be compatible, so you may need to find alternatives.
  • The doHTML tag will not be available after converting to ZetaBoards. ZetaBoards offers a wider selection of BBCode that will let you do things such as create tables and embed YouTube videos without the doHTML tag.
  • Your zIFBoards board, topic, and forum URLs will redirect to the new board. These redirects will continue indefinitely so that no one has trouble reaching your board.
  • If you have a custom domain, it will redirect to the new ZetaBoards URL for your board. You will need to point the custom domain at the new ZetaBoards server to fully use the domain on your new board. If you have a custom domain, the instructions for re-pointing it will be listed in your new Admin CP.
  • Occasionally, the converter will fail to convert a board, in which case nothing will happen when you opt in - your original InvisionFree/zIFBoard will still be accessible as normal if this happens. Submit a support ticket if you opt in and nothing happens after a few hours.
  • There is no conversion back to zIFBoards at this time. The ZetaBoards software offers an improved forum experience. If you have any concerns that ZetaBoards might not be for you, feel free to start a test ZetaBoards forum or open a support ticket with any questions.
  • A skin converter is not currently available, so you will need to find a new ZetaBoards compatible theme after you convert, or you may need to convert your current skin manually.
  • Only the board owner can opt-in at this time.
  • Your board's URLs will redirect to their new URL indefinitely. There will be no conflicts if your board has the same name as an existing ZetaBoards board.

Feature Lists

New Administrator Features New ZetaBoards Features for Members

Remember: the conversion process is one-way. Only convert if you're absolutely ready.

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