Board Ownership Transfers

This documentation applies to both zIFBoards and ZetaBoards.

On July 29th, 2014 a change to our Terms of Service for both zIFBoards and ZetaBoards was announced in order to allow communities with inactive board owners to transfer board ownership to a currently active user. The policies and procedures for board ownership transfers are outlined below. In order to initiate a board ownership transfer, please open a support ticket per the Ownership Transfer Policy.

Updated Terms of Service

Section 14 of the Terms of Service, entitled “Forum Ownership”, now reads (changes in italics):

The user that registers a forum is considered the owner of the forum, unless that ownership is subsequently transferred. Ownership can be transferred to another user by providing the login information to the Owner Account, or in the event of an inactive account, under the terms of our Ownership Transfer Policy. When the login information is given to another user you must provide a link to these Terms of Service. Only the Owner Account is considered the owner of a forum with full privileges.

Ownership Transfer Policy

In order to facilitate the transfer of board ownership in the case of a currently inactive board owner, the following policy is followed. All transfers are ultimately at the discretion of Zathyus Networks.

The Owner Account must be inactive for 6 months. Inactivity is determined by the last activity timestamp (any visits while logged in update the timestamp).

Ownership transfer requests must be made by an existing moderator or admin account, unless otherwise allowed by Zathyus. If an active admin account is available, the request must be made through the support ticket system. If no account with ACP access is available, the request must be made via the Personal Support Ticket system on the Support Forum.

Upon a request being made, the owner of the root admin will be contacted by email or any other available method. If no response is received within 2 weeks, or a response allowing the transfer is received prior to that deadline, the transfer request will be approved at the discretion of Zathyus Networks. At any point in the 30 days following an ownership transfer, the original owner may request to have the transfer reversed by contacting Zathyus Networks. Zathyus Networks will reverse ownership transfers at their discretion based on the facts of each individual case.

Ownership transfer will be made to:

  1. The account selected by the original owner.
  2. The account selected with agreement of all existing active admins.
  3. The active admin with the earliest registration date.
  4. If no active admin accounts exist, the ownership transfer will be made to a moderator account at the discretion of Zathyus.

zIFBoards Transition Update November 2017

The following section of this documentation applies to zIFBoards only.

During the conversion of all zIFBoards to either Tapatalk groups or ZetaBoards, admin transfers will no longer be processed. For boards that choose to convert to ZetaBoards, the admin transfers can be requested after conversion.

Any admin can choose the conversion path on the Tapatalk Conversion page of their AdminCP. The default conversion for active boards will be to Tapatalk if no option is selected. Conversions are in process now, so do not delay in making your selection.

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