Support Ticket System

The support ticket system is a powerful and effective way of receiving support directly from the knowledgeable Zathyus Networks Staff. The ticket system is available free for all boards to use and can be accessed through your admin control panel. After the ticket has been submitted, it awaits a reply from a staff member. Once the ticket is solved, a staff member will mark the ticket as resolved.

Types of Tickets

There are three types of tickets that you can send through our system: support tickets, theme tickets, and sales questions. For the fastest support, please make sure you choose the correct ticket category.

Support Tickets

Support Tickets are the most common type of tickets sent. You can use them for a direct line to our staff regarding issues such as a problematic board, questions regarding a certain feature, or changing a specific setting. If your ticket doesn't seem to fit into the other two categories, theme tickets and sales questions, then it probably should be marked as a Support Ticket.

Theme Tickets

Theme Tickets are for questions regarding your board's design and appearance. Using a Theme Ticket when you have a problem like this will ensure the ticket is routed to the correct department, so that those staff with theme expertise can assist you.

Please do not send tickets requesting skins, graphics, or the like. The ticket system is for support, not requests. You may submit requests on the Official Resource Board

Sales Questions

Sales Questions are for questions regarding premium services, quotes for conversions, notification for checks or money orders that have been sent, and manual ad removal requests (only if it wasn't automatic).

For the fastest support, please include your PayPal transaction ID number if you've already sent payment for premium services or conversions.

Personal Support Tickets

If you cannot log into your Admin CP, then you can send in a support ticket via the Official Support Forum. These tickets are called Personal Support Tickets. You must register an account with a valid e-mail address before you can receive this type of support.

How To Send a Ticket

The support ticket system is located inside every zIFBoards and ZetaBoards Admin CP. To access it, log into your Admin CP and click Support Ticket from the network service menu on the left side of your screen. Above the Create a new support ticket area, there is an area that shows all the tickets you've sent at that particular board. If this is your first ticket, then this area will be empty.

Below the past Tickets area is the form to create a new support ticket. There are three fields, each with an important purpose. As the name implies, Ticket Title is simply the name of the support ticket that you are sending. A descriptive title will lead to faster support, so try not to simply label it “Help!”.

The Ticket Type pertains to the three different types of tickets mentioned above. From the drop down menu, select the type of ticket that seems most applicable to the question you have. Choosing an appropriate Ticket Type will make solving your support ticket much faster.

The third field, Enter your post, is where you type details to your problem. Try to be as descriptive as possible, include links if necessary, and try to make it as readable as you can. The faster the staff member can understand your problem, the faster it gets answered.

Although a link to your board is unnecessary (staff already have that information), if your question pertains to a certain post, member, or area of your board, please include specific links to the problematic area.

When Should a Ticket Be Sent?

You can use the support ticket system at any time. However, if your question is less complicated (involving, for example, where to find a specific board setting), you will probably receive faster support by posting on our support forums. The forums see much greater traffic and have many more users available to answer your question.

However, a Support Ticket ensures that you speak only with our staff, lessening confusion and providing authoritative answers. Whenever you have questions that can only be answered by a staff member, you should definitely use a Support Ticket.

Sometimes it may become necessary for a member of the Zathyus Networks Team to investigate the settings in your admin control panel. Requests for admin CP access will ONLY be made via the Support Ticket System. Our staff will never, for any reason, request access in any other way.

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