zIFBoards and ZetaBoards Restoration Policy

Both zIFBoards and ZetaBoards message boards are remotely hosted. A restoration is any service that requires our staff to restore content, account access, or entire boards by accessing the database. The tools available to our staff differ between zIFBoards and ZetaBoards, and this documentation will outline what we can restore on both services.

Restorations are offered as a courtesy and should not be relied upon as a level of security. It is the board owner's responsibility to ensure proper security of their account and community, and that proper moderation techniques are used. While the zIFBoards and ZetaBoards Staff are not obligated to process any type of request resulting from the mistakes made by board owners, we do try to help wherever possible. Any of our services may be changed or discontinued at any time with or without prior notice to you.


Thanks to a recent upgrade, we are able to restore most types of deleted content on any ZetaBoards message board. Here is a list of items which we can restore:

  • Topics
  • Posts
  • Forums
  • Members
  • Entirely deleted boards (ROOT Admin only)
You can speed up your request by supplying a link to the topic or post you wish to have restored, or a link to the member profile of a member account you wish to be restored.
Important Clarification: We cannot simply “roll-back” a board to an earlier time. We can only restore ALL deleted Topics/Posts/Forums/Members from the beginning of your board, OR restore individual content based on its ID (I.e. an individual member/forum/topic etc.). This means you might get a lot of content you intentionally deleted restored as part of the process.
Only the ROOT Administrator of a board may request a restoration of an ENTIRE board. Other admins may request the restoration of other content listed above however depending on the nature of the request, we may require the ROOT to approve these restorations, too.

Currently, we cannot restore the following:

  • Individually deleted PM's
  • Individually deleted blog entries/comments
  • Theme/Board Template data (Such as CSS or JavaScripts)
  • Shoutbox data


The following policy change was made on January 1st 2015 for zIF Boards.

We will no longer be providing restorations for the zIFboards software. Restorations were investigated on a case-by-case basis and were a manual process that required a member of our management team to recover the data. Due to the time consuming process and difficulty involved, our management team can no longer provide this service which has grown increasingly difficult as the software itself has aged over the past 12 years as we continue to focus on developing and supporting the ZetaBoards software.

Our developer created ZetaBoards with ease of data restoration in mind, and the process of restoring for that software is largely automated with any member of our support team being able to investigate most cases and resolve them quickly. We therefore are encouraging our customers to switch to the ZetaBoards platform. Board owners with tickets in our restoration queue can check their tickets for a special conversion offer as an apology for the inconvenience to their community.

Submitting a Request

You may submit a request by opening a Support Ticket. Follow the link for documentation. Please do not submit Personal Support Tickets on our support forum, as we will be required to ask you for account sensitive information. For this reason, only support tickets submitted from an zIFBoards or ZetaBoards admin CP will be recognized. If you do not have an admin CP to submit a ticket from, you may always register a temporary board for free. Please visit the zIFBoards.com or ZetaBoards.com web sites to register.

Within your ticket include the restoration type you'd like from the list above. You must also include a link to the forum you're requesting for. You may only submit requests for forums that you registered. Requests can be time consuming. Please note that there is no set schedule for restorations. Any user requesting one should remain patient and only post in their support ticket if they have additional information to add to their request. Users who bump their tickets will have their request removed.

If you have a question that is not addressed within this policy, please submit a Support Ticket from your admin control panel.

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