How to Report a Terms of Service/Use Violation the Right Way

Reports can be made on this page. The Zathyus team receives many reports each day. Unfortunately, we end up marking a lot of them invalid. Here are the common reasons why:

  • Report doesn't reference a specific violation. Our report system is an effective way of flagging content for the zIFBoards and ZetaBoards staff members. Please understand that we can process reports that violate either our Terms of Service or Terms of Use only. We are unable to process reports that conflict with your personal values, morals or beliefs. Please do not submit official reports for issues of this nature. However, if you are unsure whether your issue constitutes a violation, please err on the side of caution and submit a report.
  • Report doesn't include evidence (i.e., links or screenshots). We receive many reports that make unsupported claims. In order for a report to be processed it must contain evidence of the violation. Usually this means a link to the topic or topics where the violation has occurred; in some cases, screenshots are sufficient. We do our best to investigate each report as thoroughly as possible. Please help us to help you! If we cannot find the content you've reported, your submission will be discarded.

For legal reasons, we absolutely cannot process reports that make claims of copyright infringement. There is a special procedure that must be followed in order for zIFBoards and ZetaBoards to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). For more information, please see our legal page.

Following up on Reports

When you submit a report, we ask you to provide your email address in the event that we must contact you for additional information. However, for the vast majority of reports, we do not need to do this and do not contact you, even after we have processed your report.

We investigate every report thoroughly and take actions appropriate to the scope and significance of the violation. These actions can be as severe as closing the entire board, but often we also warn boards and remove the relevant topics. If you have submitted a report in the past and discover the board is still operational, do not assume your report has gone unprocessed. Please submit another report if you discover the board continues to violate the Terms of Service. However, do ensure that your report adheres to the advice above. Valid reports make it easier for us to identify violations and take the appropriate action.

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