ZetaBoards Premium

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

In addition to our standard ZetaBoards service, we offer a ZetaBoards Premium package. For a small monthly fee, your community will gain access new exclusive features that are reserved for Premium members.

Additionally, ZB Premium boards will have a chance to sneak preview new ZetaBoards's features before they're officially released. These features are fully functional and available so your community can start using them immediately.

From time to time, some features may migrate from the ZB Premium package to the standard ZB service. We'll announce these changes more than 1 month in advance so you can plan accordingly.

List of Features

  • Admin accessible PM logs - This allows you to monitor the PM traffic between members on your board. Users are notified when sending a PM that their message is logged.
  • Admin / Moderator accessible Edited Post logs - When a post is edited, this allows admins and moderators to view the previous contents of the post
  • Larger Board Wrapper - The number of characters allowed in the board wrapper is expanded from 20,000 to 50,000
  • PM/Email based topic subscriptions - This expands on the current ZB topic tracking system. Two new options are introduced; Email and PM subscriptions. Members can manage their desired subscriptions via their preferences, or when adding a subscription.
  • Board email frequency - ZB Premium boards will have unrestricted use of the bulk email function.
  • Updated ZetaBoards copyright - An Admin CP setting will allow you to change your copyright to read : Powered by ZetaBoards Premium.
  • Removal of the second ad for large boards - The bottom ad on the Index page will be removed. This ad is normally only present on boards that display multiple forum sections on the index page.
  • Resource Database - Our one-click install theme and code database is exclusively available to ZB Premium members. Note: The resource database is temporarily offline awaiting some problem fixes.
  • AMT Usage - AMTs will now keep track of the number of times they are run. This can help you remove or improve underutilized AMTs.
  • Admin Digest Length - The Admin Digest covers up to 14 days if you have not visited the board, rather than a single day on our standard service.
  • Admin Digest Availability - The Admin Digest is available to any admin, not just the board owner.
  • Warning System PM Tracking - Automatic tracking of personal messages sent via the warning system.
  • Increased Upload Limit - upload files up to 7MB in size - With yearly subscription only
Increased Upload Limit - this increase is only available with a yearly subscription and is not added automatically. Open a sales ticket if you are interested in this offer.



ZetaBoards premium is currently available as a monthly subscription for $7.99, or a yearly subscription for $79.90.

Payment Methods

Please see Payment Methods.

You can order ZB Premium for your board through the Admin CP. Accepted payment options are TrialPay, Paypal, check, and money order. For more detailed payment options, please see your ACP or submit a Sales Ticket. Activation for Paypal and TrialPay payments can generally be accomplished instantly.

All of our Terms apply - Terms of Service - Terms of Use - Terms of Sale

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