Payment Methods

ZetaBoards accepts PayPal, money / postal orders, and checks as valid forms of payment. We do NOT accept bank transfers, wires, purchase orders, or cash. This is both for your safety (no cash to get lost in the mail) and to make it easy for us to process payments quickly. All payment should be in US dollars.


We currently accept TrialPay for some purchases. At this time you may purchase Ad Removal credits, or ZetaBoards Premium with TrialPay.

TrialPay can allow you, and your members to receive these services for free. Simply sign up with a name and email address, then complete a single offer. Once the offer has been completed you will receive a coupon code. This code will immediately activate the service you purchased.

A single user may complete multiple offers to purchase additional services. If you have any questions about TrialPay, please open a support ticket from your Admin CP.


Send PayPal payments to

Include a PayPal Note with your order, providing your board's URL and what you are purchasing. If possible, include a link to your relevant Sales Ticket.

If you use Internet Explorer, you may have trouble paying directly from your ACP. If this happens, please try right-clicking on the link and choosing Open in new window.

Money Orders / Checks

Checks and money orders can be sent to:

Zathyus Networks, Inc
PO Box 1763
Bowie, MD 20717-1763

Make a check or money order payable to Zathyus Networks, Inc.

Be sure to include a note with your board URL, what you are purchasing, and any additional details you may wish to include. Failure to do this may result in delayed processing of your payment.

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