New ZetaBoard Features for Members

ZetaBoards comes with a variety of features that cannot be found in our previous forum software, IPB 1.3. Here is a list of many of the new features found in ZetaBoards. In addition to these changes we've also made lots of improvements on usability, performance, security, and cosmetics. We're continually working to add new features so keep an eye out for announcements and updates.

User Controls & Security

  • Advanced Account Security Page
  • Joinable Groups
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Request Name Change
  • Enhanced Avatar Gallery

Member Interaction

  • New! Status Update and Feed
  • Blogs
  • PM Conversation Grouping
  • PM Notifier Toast
  • Online Status for Users in Profile
  • Get a Member's Username History
  • Ignore Member Posts

Searchable Information

  • Topic and Post search
  • Find Posts by Member

Board Appearance

  • Theme Selector
  • Collapsible Forums and Statistics
  • Online User Legend
  • New BBCodes for Spoilers, Formating and Posting Video

General Usage

  • New! Board Feed, listing all recent activity
  • Board Clock
  • Markers for Topics You've Posted in
  • Edit Your Own Topics and Titles

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