New Administrator Features

ZetaBoards comes with a variety of features that cannot be found in our previous forum software, IPB 1.3. Here is a comprehensive list of the new features found in ZetaBoards.


ZetaBoards' powerful Admin CP comes with a wide assortment of features not found in any other forum system's control panel.

  • Custom Avatar Galleries
  • Custom Email Messages
  • Custom Pages
  • Joinable Groups
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Multiple Custom Themes
  • Advanced COPPA System - We handle everything!
  • Enable/Disable Specific BBCode Tags
  • Admin Assistants (Managers)
  • Improved Board Directory
  • jQuery Support
  • Greater CSS Customization ( Unique Page IDs/Classes )
  • Access to features in ZetaBoards Premium
  • Enhanced Directory Rankings


ZetaBoards includes a variety of powerful new moderation tools that make moderating your forum both fun and easy.

General Usage

  • Topic/Post Search
  • Board Clock
  • Theme Selector
  • Collapsible Forums and Statistics
  • Blogs
  • New BBCodes (Such as Spoiler, Flash, Indent, etc.)
  • Improved PM System and PM Pop-ups
  • Find All Posts By Member
  • View a Single Post Page
  • Double Post Merger
  • Online/Offline Legend in Profile and Posts
  • Customize Board Frontpage

User Controls

  • Automatic Member Legend
  • Request Name Change
  • Advanced Account Security System
  • Theme Selector
  • Choose your Topic Viewing Preference

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