Trash Can

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The trash can is a special forum in ZetaBoards that provides an alternative to deleting topics and posts. With the trash can enabled, it is possible to quickly remove topics or posts from public view while retaining the option to restore them in the future.

Enabling the Trash Can

To enable the trash can, go to the Board Setup page of the Admin CP. Choose a name and location for the trash can, and choose who can view the trash can.

Regardless of whether they can see the trash can, moderators can still trash topics and posts (provided they have permission to do so in that particular forum).

Trashing Topics and Posts

Moderators can trash topics and posts through the inline moderation system. Once the trash can is enabled, the option to Trash Topic or Trash Post(s) will be available from the Moderation Options dropdown menu. Choosing this option will move the topic to the trash can. (Trashed posts are split into a new topic before being sent to the trash can.)

It is still possible to delete a topic or post by selecting that option from the moderation options. Deleted topics and posts are not sent to the trash can. Depending on the circumstances, the support team might be able to restore deleted topics and posts. However, using the trash can is a safe and guaranteed alternative that allows you to restore topics and posts at any time in the future.

Topics and posts that violate the Terms of Service, such as those that contain prohibited content, must be deleted, not trashed.

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