Choose ZetaBoards for a Spam-Free Community

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Integrated Automatic Spam Prevention

Spam is a plague on communities around the internet. ZetaBoards keeps your community free of Spam without you, or your members, lifting a finger. Every ZetaBoard forum community comes with an integrated set of features that prevent Spambots from posting in your forums. The best part is that because it's integrated, and the features are active 24/7, you and your members don't have to even think about it.

Unlike most sites which make you prove you are a human by entering fuzzy letters, at ZetaBoards we think it's the bots that should have to prove they're human. So far they haven't, and so your board will remain free of Spambots, leaving you and your members in peace.

That being said, after many requests from those of you that love fuzzy letters we've added an optional CAPTCHA system. You do not need to implement it in order to keep your board spambot free, but the option is there for your community in the Security section of the ACP.

If you like Spam and Spambots, we're sorry but ZetaBoards probably won't be the service for you. Register a Spam-free Community Now!

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