Automatic Moderation Tools

Automatic Moderation Tools, or AutoTools, are a powerful moderation feature. They allow you to apply a number of preset moderation options to a topic or a member with a single click. Automatic Moderation Tools are the equivalent to Topic Multi-Moderation in IPB v 1.3. This documentation will teach you how to utilise the full potential of AutoTools for moderation.

Please view the following documentations on setting up Autotools:

Using AutoTools for Topic Moderation

AutoTools can be used to manage topics in many different ways. They can be used to:

  • Apply many moderation options to a topic at once.
  • Post a pre-written reply to a topic.
  • Add a prefix or suffix to the topic title.

To apply an AutoTool to a topic, select it from the AutoTool drop-down box and click the Submit button. The AutoTools drop-down box is located close to the bottom of the topic.


From the drop down list, select any AutoTool available to that forum

Using AutoTools to Manage Members

AutoTools can also be used to manage your board's members through your Report CP. To apply an AutoTool to a member, follow these steps:

  1. First, visit your Report CP.
  2. In the Report CP, click on the offending topic or personal message.
  3. Find the third section of the report page, Report Actions.
  4. In the Apply an AutoTool: row, select an AutoTool from either or both of the drop-down boxes. The first box is for applying an AutoTool to a member. The second drop-down box is for applying an AutoTool to the reported topic.

After you have selected your desired AutoTools, you should then click the Complete Report button.

<RCP AutoTools Screenshot>

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