Pidgin HowTo

Pidgin is a free, open source multi-protocol IM client which allows you to connect to MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Google Talk, IRC and many other protocols simultaneously.

Setting up IRC

Having installed and opened Pidgin, make sure the Buddy List is on your screen. Along the top bar, select Accounts and then Manage Accounts. (Alternatively, Control + A will work in Windows XP). In the new window you should notice a button saying Add…

Clicking this will open another window so once there, follow these steps:

  • For Protocol: Look in the drop down menu for IRC.
  • For Username: Choose a nick you wish to use. 1)
  • For Server: Type in
  • For Password: Choose a secret password. 2)
  • Feel free to check Remember password. 3)

Under the Advanced tab, Username: appears in your user info, and Real name: is your name if you wish to share it. Click on Add when you are ready.

Connecting to IRC

Inside the Accounts window you should see your newly created IRC account, and it should automatically connect to ChatSpike. If it doesn't, simply click the enabled check box.

Joining and Adding Channels

Along the top bar, select Buddies and then Add Chat…

In the new window follow these steps:

  • For Account: Select your IRC account from the drop down menu.
  • For Channel: Type in #zetaboards
  • For Password: Leave this field blank.
  • For Alias: Leave this field blank. Advanced users, this text will show as your nick only for you. (Set to Me for example).
  • For Group: Choose a group to place the IRC channel in, or create one by typing in the field and call it IRC.
  • Check the option Autojoin when account comes online. to save hassle joining channels.

The option Remain in chat when window is closed. allows you to close the channel window, but still receive messages you can view later. Useful if you find your screen space swamped.

Click the Add button to see your new 'buddy' added to your list.

Having selected Autojoin, you should now be in the #zetaboards IRC channel. If you left the option un-ticked, simply double click the channel name to join.

1) , 2)
If you have already registered with NickServ type in the information you registered with.
This will allow for automatic identification to NickServ.

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