Konversation HowTo

Getting Connected

Setting Up Servers

  • Press F2 to open the Server Dialog.
  • Click Add… to add a new connection. You can name it whatever you'd like in the Network field.
  • Click Add… to add a new server. The server address is irc.ferwy.net. Put your NickServ password in the Password box. Click OK.
  • Click Add… to add some auto-join channels. They don't need passwords.
  • You might wish to click the Connect Automatically option.
  • Click OK and Close.

Creating an Identity

  • Press F8 to open the Identities Dialog.
  • Fill out your real name.
  • Click Add… to add at least two nicknames, in case yours is taken. A good idea is to pick the same name, but with an underscore (_) after it, e.g. foobar and foobar_.
  • Click the Away tab and set an away nickname (optional).
  • Click the Advanced tab and add an ident, which is basically a username. A good choice is the main part of your master nick, all lowercase, e.g. if your nick is foobar_baz, make your ident foobar.
  • Set a part message (the message displayed when leaving a channel).
  • Click OK and you're done!

Customizing It

One of the most useful options, nick/line highlighting, is turned off by default. To enable it, go to Settings » Configure Konversation… » Highlight. Check the options for Always highlight own current nick and Always highlight own lines, and choose colors for them. One good choice is red for current nick, and green for own lines.

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