Colloquy HowTo

Colloquy is a free IRC client for Mac OS X. This guide specifically shows you how to connect to The ZetaBoards Chatroom using it.

Connecting for the First Time

The first time you want to connect to the chatroom, you need to make a new connection to the server. You will only need to do this once.

  1. First, open up Colloquy.
  2. Open up the Connections window by going to Window » Connections.
  3. Choose New to create a new connection.
  4. In the Nickname text box, enter the desired nickname you want to use. Your nickname (or nick) is the name you use to connect, and the name which is shown next to your messages.
  5. In the Chat Server box, enter (the server the chatroom is currently on).
  6. Be sure to check Remember this connection - this will add it to the Connections window for next time.
  7. The rest should be fine, so choose Connect when done.

Registering Your Nickname for the First Time

It is recommended you register your nickname when using IRC. There are a few ways to do this in Colloquy, but this method goes through making a query (chat) to NickServ, which is easiest.

  1. In the Connections window, make sure the connection that has just been made is selected.
  2. Choose Message User.
  3. Type NickServ into the box.
  4. Enter the register command into the window, as shown below:
REGISTER [password]

Replace [password] with the password you want to use to protect your nick, without the square brackets. Note you don't have to include /msg NickServ.

Once you have done that, you will receive confirmation that your nick has been registered, or told if there was a problem.

Saving your Nickname's Password in Colloquy

You can save your password in Colloquy, so it will automatically identify you each time you return. To do so:

  1. Choose the new connection in the Connections window.
  2. Choose Get Info by right-clicking (or Command-Clicking) or going to the View menu.
  3. In Password (under Nickname), enter the password you registered with.
If you don't add your password to the connection's Get Info window (you don't have to), you will have to IDENTIFY every time you re-connect.
If you need to do this, start a chat with NickServ as shown above, and enter IDENTIFY [password] (replacing password with your password) after connecting.

Returning and Going to the Chatroom

When returning to IRC after disconnecting:

  1. Open up Colloquy.
  2. Choose Window » Connections.
  3. Choose the connection again.
  4. Choose Connect.

Colloquy will tell you when you have been identified with a message in the top-right of the screen. This happens automatically if you have saved your password in the Connections window. If not, see the instructions in the box above for how to identify manually.

  1. Choose Join Room (from the connections window) or File » Join Chat Room…
  2. Enter #zetaboards as the name.
  3. Choose Join.

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