ChatZilla HowTo

Read the ChatZilla FAQ. And if you have questions, you can join #chatzilla at for help over IRC (poetic justice!).

Getting Started

When you open ChaZilla you will see a text input box at the bottom of the window. Insert the following command:

  • /server

A new tab will open, and ChatZilla will connect to the Ferwy network. Once you are connected, enter this into the text input box:

  • /join #zetaboards

You will now join the ZetaBoards IRC Channel.

To join the channel automatically on startup, right-click on the channel tab and click Open This Channel at Startup.


You may wish to register your unique nickname so that no one can impersonate you. For information on registering your nickname please see here.

For instructions on how to have ChatZilla automatically identify your account, read on:

  • Click ChatZilla, then Preferences. On the side menu, you'll see a list of networks to which you've connected. Select
  • Click the Lists tab. You'll see an area where you can set commands to auto-perform. Hit Add.
  • Enter the following and replace PASSWORD with your actual password:
    /ns identify PASSWORD

  1. Hit OK. When you join the network, ChatZilla will now automatically identify you.
  2. You can also let Chatzilla log you in with your regular nick by instructing auto-perform to submit it this way:
    /ns identify NICK PASSWORD

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