Domain Setup: Yahoo!

This tutorial assumes that you have left the default nameservers set to Yahoo!'s (represented by the words Yahoo! Hostname in the control panel). If you have changed the nameservers to your web host’s, you will need to make these changes there. Try our WHM tutorial.

Log into your Yahoo! control panel and click Manage Advanced DNS Settings.

Adding a Subdomain

  1. If you want to add a subdomain to redirect to your forum, click Add Record.
  2. To add a subdomain CNAME record, put the name of the subdomain in the first box, and the server URL in the second box.

Adding a Domain

If you want the whole domain to redirect to your forum, first click Edit next to the line marked *

  1. To edit your domain's main CNAME record, simply change the textbox to point to the server URL listed in your Domain Manager.
  2. Because of limitations of the Yahoo service, you must also change the main A record. Click Edit next to the A record for Enter the IP address of the server you are on. A list of IP addresses is available.

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