Domain Setup: 1and1

To get started, login to your 1and1 account control panel and click on the Domains link in your “Package Features” section.

Adding a Subdomain

If you'd like to point your whole domain ( to your zIFBoards or ZetaBoards board, skip ahead to the Adding a Domain section. If you'd like to point a subdomain ( to your board, start here and then proceed to the next section on how to point your subdomain to your board.

  1. Click on the arrow next to the New menu, and select “Create Subdomain”.
  2. In the Subdomain . Domain box, enter the subdomain you'd like to create (e.g. “forums”) and select the domain you'd like to create this subdomain for from the drop-down box (If you don't have multiple domains, you shouldn't have to change this)
  3. Finally, hit the Create button.

Adding a Domain

  1. Select the domain or subdomain you would like to point to your zIFBoards/ZetaBoard board.
  2. Next, click on the arrow next to the DNS menu, and select “Edit DNS Settings”.

  1. Under Domain Data, change the “General Settings” option to CNAME.
  2. Enter or in the “Alias” box. Replace # with the server number of your board and service your board is hosted on.
  3. Tick the “I am aware and accept that all current DNS settings, e-mail addresses, and forwards will be disabled.” box.

Finally, hit the Save button. After your domain status changes to “Ready”, you are free to add your domain or subdomain into your board's Domain Manager.

Please allow 24 hours for your new DNS settings to propagate.

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