Custom Domains

This documentation applies to both zIFBoards and ZetaBoards.

With both zIFBoards and ZetaBoards, it is possible to use a custom domain name ( with a board.

My domain is already used on my website. What do I do?
You can set up a subdomain ( to point to your board.
Can I point to my forum?
No; however, you can put a redirect page in the myboard directory on your server. You do not need to set up any domain in the Domain Manager.
How do I find the correct IP to which I can point my domain?
Look at this list.

Purchasing a Domain

The domain you register is up to you. As long as the registrar, the company through which you register the domain, supports DNS records, it will work with your board.

ZetaBoards recommends the use of NameCheap Domains. We are able to provide you with technical support if you purchase from them, because our staff has full experience with this system. While you may use any domain that meets the listed requirements, we may not be able to provide technical support if you do not purchase your domain from NameCheap.

Using a Free Domain/Subdomain

Many providers offer free subdomains ( that also work with the Domain Manager. ZetaBoards does not offer technical support for these providers, however, based on customer experiences, the following providers might work:

Setting up Your Domain

If your registrar does not appear in the list below, try our general setup instructions. If you still encounter problems, open a support ticket.

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