User Control Panel

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The User Control Panel allows users to complete actions such as editing avatars and signatures, updating profiles, and joining groups. To access the User CP, click the Preferences button on the top, right-hand menu of your board.

Board Controls

Board Settings

Under the Board Settings link, you'll find the settings that affect your experience while browsing the board. Choose the options you desire, and you're done. The following are descriptions of each option's function(s):

  • Time Settings - This option allows you to choose a time zone and turn Daylight Savings Time on or off.
  • Theme Settings - Choose which skin you prefer. The “Choose a skin” drop-down menu on the bottom, left-hand corner of each page will change your skin only until you close your viewing tab or window. <blank> lets you permanently choose a skin until you decide to swap skins.
  • Board Language - Adjust what language you want to view the board in.
Viewing signatures, avatars, and images are on by default.
  • Show Signatures - To turn off viewing signatures, untick (deselect) the appropriate check box.
  • Show Images - Turning off this option will disable viewing of all posted and uploaded images. All posted images will appear as a link with the text (Posted Image). You can view the image by clicking that link.
  • Show Avatars - Untick (deselect) the appropriate check box to turn off viewing avatars.
  • Topics per Forum Page - This option controls how many topics you view per forum page.
  • Posts per Topic Page - Select the number of posts you want to show per topic page.
  • Topic Viewing Preference - Select your preference for when viewing topics. You can jump to the first unread post, or start from the very beginning of the topic.

Email Settings

Email options include the following: Allow members to email you? and Receive emailed board announcements?. To enable these settings, simply tick (select) the check boxes. To disable these settings, untick (deselect) the check boxes.

Change Password

  1. To change your account's password, type your current password in the text box labelled Current Password.
  2. Type your new, desired password in the New Password text box.
  3. Finally, re-type your new password in the text box labeled Confirm New Password.

Change Username

  1. Click the Change Username link.
  2. Enter your new username in the text box next to the New Username text.
Username changes will not immediately take effect. Administrators have the option of approving or rejecting username changes.

Profile Options

Editing Signatures

Click the Change Signature link under the Profile Options heading. Enter your text, images, and/or coding in the text box, and click “Edit Signature” to successfully edit your signature.

(possible information about the allowed/not allowed use and links to HTML, BBCode, etc.)

Change Avatar

To add or change your custom avatar, you can either upload it from your hard drive or upload it by pasting an image URL in the designated text box.

Note that depending on which upload method you choose, there may be a restriction on the size of file you can upload.

  • Choosing the Upload Avatar option will limit you to a maximum filesize of 35kb. (The admin may set a lower limit).
  • Choosing the URL to Avatar option will not restrict the filesize of your avatar.

You can also choose an avatar from the avatar gallery under the Avatar Settings heading. Simply click a category name, such as Animals, then the avatar of your choice to use one of the gallery's default avatars.

Simply click “remove” to remove your current avatar.

All of the above methods can be disabled via the Admin CPs Profiles section (Under Preferences), so you may not have all of the above options when changing your avatar

Change Photo

Your photo appears on your profile page and can be easily edited. Simply select the image file's location on your hard drive by clicking the “Browse” button designated next to Upload a new photo from your computer. You may also use an image URL for your personal photo by pasting the image URL in the correct text box. Click “Submit Photo” to complete this transaction.

You can also delete your current photo by clicking the “Delete Photo” button below your current photograph.

My Blog

If allowed by the Admin, you may have the ability to create your own blogs on your board. All of your blogging options are controlled here. To find a complete guide on setting up your blog, read here!

Joinable Groups

From here you can see a list of the joinable groups on your board.

Group Group Description Members Join Group
The name of the group. A description about what the group is about. Click to view a list of all of the members in the group, as well as its leaders. You may have the option to join this group immediately, or you may need to be invited into the group in order to join.
This page is under construction and, therefore, most likely contains typographical errors and mistakes.

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