Uploading and Posting Images

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

This article covers the basics of using images on your board, with a particular focus on using uploaded images in posts. In order to place an image somewhere on your board, it must first be uploaded to the Internet.

Deciding Where to Host Images

There are two ways to host an image. You can upload the image to the board itself, either in a post or from the Admin CP. Alternatively, you can upload the image to an external hosting service. Both of these methods have advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose of the image.

Board Hosting


  • Images are hosted by ZetaBoards, which means they will be available as long as your board is available.
  • You retain control over your images—only you or another administrator can delete them.
  • You can upload files other than images in posts and through the File Manager.


  • Uploaded images are limited to 200 KB.1)

External Hosting


  • Larger upload limit. (See above.)
  • It may be easier to upload/manage images in bulk.
  • Some services include built-in features to edit and improve uploaded images (e.g., crop or sharpen the image).


  • Images can be deleted without warning by the host for excessive bandwidth use or inactivity.
  • If the service goes down temporarily or permanently, the images will be unavailable even when your board is available.

We recommend using Imageshack as a good and reliable third party host.


The following table contains the recommended location for certain types of images.

Image Type Recommended Upload Location
Posted Images Either external host, or to your board
Theme Images (Buttons, CSS Images) Your Board
Rank & Group Icons Your Board
Favicon Your Board

Displaying Images

In Posts

To display an image in a post, use the BBCode [img] tag.


Replace http://example.com/image.png with the URL to the image. Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify the alternative text with BBCode yet.

You can upload an image in a post and then display the image in the same post. First, enable file uploading in the forum. Then, upload the image when you post. When viewing the post, copy the URL to the uploaded image. Edit the post and use this URL in the BBCode above.

Theme, Board Template, & Web Pages

If you want an image to display in your Board Template, Theme Layout or Website Maker then you must use the HTML <img> tag:

<img src="http://example.com/image.png" alt="Alternative Text" />

Replace http://example.com/image.png with the URL to the image. Replace Alternative Text with text to display that describes the image. This text will appear if, for some reason, the image cannot be loaded. Assistive technologies, such as screen readers, will also use this text to describe the image to visually-impaired users.

See Also

If you purchase extra disk space, this limit is increased to 7.5 MB. Please open a sales ticket for more information.

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