This guide will take you through the basic steps of enabling the built-in blogging system on your forum, and also teach you how to create a blog of your own using this unique feature of Zetaboards!

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Enable Blogging

By default, the blogging system is enabled on all Zetaboards Forums. If for some reason you have accidentally turned it off, simply log into your admin control panel and select the Preferences link from the navigational menu. This option is located directly underneath the Board Customization menu. Next, click on the Board Setup block. This will take you to a list of settings, one of which will be the Enable Blogging by members option. Set this to 'Yes' and then scroll down to hit the submit button. The built in blogging system will now be turned on for your forum.

Once you enable the blog system for your forum, you can toggle permissions for individual member groups to create blogs and make comments by editing the member group options.
Disable Blog Creation for Certain Groups

You may have enabled blog creation for your community, but wish to restrict it from certain groups. To do this log into your admin control panel and select Users & Groups from the top navigation menu and then Groups from the side menu. Now click on the name of the group you wish to edit. Locate the Can create a personal blog? option and select No.

Disable Ability To Comment

By default the ability to comment on a blog entry is enabled, however you may want to disable this for some groups such as guests or validating. To do this log into your admin control panel and select Users & Groups from the top navigation menu and then Groups from the side menu. Now click on the name of the group you wish to edit. Locate the Can post comments to blog entries option and select No.

Administrator and Moderator Functions

Blog moderation is available via links below each blog post. Moderators may edit or delete blog entries as required.

Creating a Blog

Now that blogs have been enabled on your forum, it's time to create one! To start, select the Preferences tab at the top of your forum. Under the Profile Options menu there is a link called My Blog. Simply click this link to start the process.

Enter a Title

Every blog deserves a good title, and your blog is no exception! A creative name can go a long way and even interest other users to start reading it. Of course, the title of your blog is totally up to you.

Enter a Description

A good description goes a long way, as it tells your audience exactly what kind of blog they'll be reading. Is your blog personal, business related or about a specific topic? Whichever route you decide to go, be sure to describe your blog accordingly.

About you

This optional field can be used to enter a bit of information about yourself. Part of the fun of keeping an online blog is having your audience know a bit about the author. You may choose to enter your real first name here, what country you live in and even some of your interests. It's all up to you! Users may also leave this field completely blank if it makes them more comfortable.

Permission Preferences

There are just three more settings to take care of before your blog is created. These settings allow you to set who can view your blog and who can post comments to your entries. The first setting toggles the ability to show your blog to guests. This means that visitors to the forum who aren't logged in or registered will be able to view your entries. The next option toggles the ability for members of the forum to post comments on your entries. Setting this option to 'No' will mean that no users of the forum can comment. The last option will add a box of who is reading your blog (just like the active user list). You can go back and edit these settings at any time in case you change your mind!

Posting a New Blog Entry

Once you have finished setting up your blog, you'll be shown right away what it looks like. There's only one thing missing - posts! Using the Post New Blog Entry link you can start adding content to your blog. Posting an entry works just like making a regular post on the forums. You can add a title, enter some tags, and if you've edited your settings with the Change Settings link, you'll also be able to sort your blog entries into their own categories!

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