Using Moderation Queue

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Moderation queue refers to topics or individual posts that are hidden from other users until approved by a moderator. Moderators can impose moderation queue on individual members through the warning system. However, there are also circumstances when moderating all topics or replies in a forum is useful.

Enabling Moderation Queue in a Forum

To enable the moderation queue for a specific forum, go the Section Manager page of the Admin CP. Locate the forum in question, and click Edit Settings.

Locate the Moderate forum field. Select one of the following options from the dropdown menu:

Option Explanation
No Moderation (Default) No topics or posts require approval.
Moderate Topics & Replies All topics and posts are hidden until approved by a moderator.
Moderate Topics only All new topics require approval. New posts in a topic do not require approval.
Moderate Replies only New topics do not require approval. New posts in a topic require approval.

Approving Topics and Posts

Approving hidden topics and posts is done through the inline moderation system.

Hidden topics are displayed separately, at the bottom of the page, when viewing a forum. To approve several topics at once, tick the checkbox next to each topic. From the Moderation dropdown menu, select Approve Topic. You can also approve a single topic while viewing it.

Hidden posts are displayed where they would ordinarily appear in the flow of a topic. However, only moderators can see them. The post has a notice attached to it that reads, “This post is awaiting moderation” with a link to approve the post. Alternatively, to approve multiple posts in a topic, tick the checkbox next to each post, then select Approve Post(s) from the Moderation Options for selected posts dropdown menu.

Avoiding Moderation Queue

Administrators can allow certain groups to bypass the moderation queue. Edit the group in question, and set “Avoid moderation approval” to Yes. Posts or topics created by a user in this group will appear automatically, regardless of the moderation queue settings in a forum.

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