Individual Forum Moderators

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

On Zetaboards, there are two ways of granting moderator abilities to a User/Group on your board.

  • Global Moderators: Changing a User's group to the Global Moderator group allows them to moderate in all forums, and have all moderation options open to them. Or, adjusting the 'Special Abilities' of a group to include Global Moderator abilities.
  • Forum Moderators: Moderate in forums you specify, with the abilities that you specify. You can set abilities to single users, or to particular groups.

Using the Forum Moderators method allows you to have more control over who can do what and where.

Adding a User/Group as a Forum Moderator

Single Users as Moderators

  • Go to Member Search and input the name of the user you wish to grant moderator abilities to.
  • On the results page, you then need to go to Moderator Abilities for the user in question (make sure you have the right one if you have another member with the phrase in their username).

Continue to the next step: What is a 'Moderator Set'?

Groups as Moderators

  • Go to the Groups page, where all your user groups are listed.
  • Along the row of the group you want to add as a forum moderator, click the Manage link.
  • On this next page, is where you'd usually opt to give the group AdminCP access, or global moderating abilities. However for this, you're going to choose Manage Forum Moderator Settings.

Continue to the next step: What is a 'Moderator Set'?

What is a 'Moderator Set'?

A Moderator Set consists of a list of abilities for the User/Group selected in the forum(s) you assign them to. Users/Groups can have multiple unique Moderator Sets assigned to them.

An example (using a single user moderator):

An Administrator wishes to grant moderator abilities to a user on their board named Bob. Bob is an outstanding member, and the Administrator feels they are up to the task of helping to moderate the board.

The Administrator grants Bob the ability to Close Topics, Re-Open Topics and Edit Posts and Polls in Forum A. This requires one Moderator Set.
The Administrator then decides that Bob should be able to Manage Post Queue in Forum B.
The Administrator doesn't want Bob to be able to do what they can currently do in Forum A, therefore rather than editing the existing Moderator Set, they create a new one.
Bob now has 2 Moderator Sets assigned to them as a Moderator.

Creating a new Moderator Set

Above is a screenshot of the page you ought to be seeing if you're giving moderator abilities to a User/Group that currently has none. This page, is how you create your first Moderator Set.

Board Management Abilities

There are three generic abilities that will affect all the moderator sets, rather than a single set.

  • View IP Addresses: User(s) will be able to view the IP address logged for each post.
  • Warn Members: User(s) will be able to warn users across the board. They can put a user on moderator approval, disable their posting ability, or suspend them.
  • Edit Member Profiles: User(s) will be able to edit another User's profile by clicking on their avatar while viewing a topic, or selecting Edit Profile under the Profile Options menu on that user's profile page.

Decide whether you want the User/Group to be able to do either. These are set to Yes by default.

Selecting the Forums

All the forums that you have on your board will be listed. Do not worry if you select a forum that the User/Group does not have permission to see, as this will not affect them, the forum will still remain hidden as far as they are concerned. As detailed under the field name on the left, you can hold down the CTRL key (or CMD if you're a Mac User) to select several specific options at the same time. You can select large blocks of them by clicking and dragging your mouse up/down at the same time.

Please note: You can only select a forum once, therefore it can only appear in one Moderator Set. If you want to change permissions for a specific forum at any time, you'll need to edit the set and remove the forum from the list, and then create a new moderator set for the forum.

Topic Management Abilities

This section is straight forward: Select the abilities you wish this User/Group to have while moderating the forums you've selected.

Once you're done, click the Edit Moderator button at the bottom of the page.

The page for the User/Group's moderator abilities should now look something like the screenshot above. The new Moderator Set has been created.

Removing Moderator Abilities

Deleting Moderator Sets is straight forward, however to completely remove a User/Group as a moderator, you will need to delete all sets pertaining to them. Then, a button titled Delete Moderator will appear at the bottom. Click this, and all moderator abilities will be removed from the User/Group.

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