Enable File Uploading in Posts

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Administrators can upload files directly through the Admin CP's File Manager. However, sometimes it is useful to upload a file in a post on the board, or to allow other users to upload files in posts.

File uploading permissions are tied to permission sets. For this reason, there are two ways to enable file uploading: by editing the forum or by editing the permission set. The former method is useful if you want to enable uploading for more than one permission set in a certain forum. The latter method is better if you want to give a permission set upload permission in multiple forums at once.

Enable Uploading by Forum

  1. Go to the Section Manager in the Forums and Sections section of the Admin CP.
  2. Locate the forum in question and click on Editing Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Forum Permissions section of the page.
  4. For each permission set that should be able to upload files in that forum, tick the Upload checkbox.
  5. Click Edit Forum to save these changes.

Enable Uploading by Permission Set

  1. Go to Forum Access in the Users & Groups section of the Admin CP.
  2. Next to the permission set in question, click on Edit.
  3. For each forum where this permission set should be able to upload files, tick the Upload checkbox.
  4. Click Edit Permissions to save these changes.

Individual File Size Limits

In order to prevent abuse, ZetaBoards limits the size of files that can be uploaded, both through the Admin CP and through posts. The limits are as follows:

Type of Upload Size Limit
Attachments & File Manager Uploads 200 KB
Team Icons and Pips 35 KB
Emoticons 25 KB
Avatar Gallery 35 KB

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