Promoting Users Based on Post Count

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Automatic promotion is a group setting that allows you to promote users to another group based on post count.

This feature is currently only available to administrators in the root admin group. This is the group with Built-in Admin Group in the Delete column on the Groups page.

In this tutorial, Group A will be the user's starting group, and Group B will be the group to which the user gets promoted after a certain number of posts.

Create and Modify Group B

If Group B does not already exist, you will need to create it. Then edit its settings to give it the appropriate permissions.

If you want Group B to have access to different forums than Group A, you may need to create a new permission set for the group.

Set up Automatic Promotion from Group A

  1. Edit Group A's settings, and scroll down to the bottom of the page and the section titled Automatic Promotion.
  2. Under Promote to, select Group B.
  3. Under Promote when a member reaches, enter the number of posts a user must make before being promoted.
  4. Click Edit to save your changes.

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