Adding Moderators and Administrators

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Staff roles on ZetaBoards comprise two tiers: administrators and moderators. Administrators can access the Admin CP. Moderators can perform moderation actions on topics, posts, and members. In almost every case, all administrators are moderators, but moderators are not always administrators.

Do not make someone an administrator or moderator unless you trust them. ZetaBoards has numerous features designed to mitigate the damage a malicious user might cause. Even so, with access to a moderator or admin account, they can still delete topics and members.

Adding Moderators

There are two types of moderators: global moderators and forum moderators. Global moderators are groups that can use every moderation feature in every forum. Forum moderators can be groups or individual members and can have a more restricted set of abilities.

Global Moderators

To make a user a global moderator, move them to a global moderators group. By default, ZetaBoards comes with a group, conveniently called Global Moderators, that has global moderator status. You can grant this status to other groups:

  1. Go the Groups page in the Admin CP.
  2. If the group does not already exist, create it.
  3. From the Groups page, click Manage in the Special Abilities column next to the group in question.
  4. Set Grant Super Moderator Status? to Yes.
  5. Click Submit.

The group will now have Global Moderator under the Special Abilities column on the Groups page. Any members in this group will be global moderators.

For security reasons, the built-in Guest, Validating, and Member groups cannot be given global moderator status. Similarly, the built-in Admin group has de facto global moderator status, and this cannot be removed.

Forum Moderators

Both individual users and entire groups can be explicitly assigned to moderator certain forums. Please refer to Individual Forum Moderators for a detailed explanation of forum moderators and moderation sets.

Adding Administrators

To give a user access to the Admin CP, move them into a group with Admin CP access. ZetaBoards comes with a built-in Admin group; this is often called the root admin group. For security reasons, it is prudent to create another group for other administrators. Administrators who are not in the root admin group still have access to the entire Admin CP; however, they cannot edit the root admin group in any way.

To grant another group Admin CP access, follow the same sequence of steps as described in Global Moderators. This time, also set Access to Admin CP to Yes.

Admin Assistants

You can grant users limited access to the Admin CP by using the admin assistants feature. This allows administrators to give trustworthy members access to a specialized area of the Admin CP, such as the Domain Manager, without giving them full admin access. There are four types of assistants you can create:

  1. Member Managers can edit members' accounts, approve name changes, and validate new accounts.
  2. Theme Managers can edit the board themes.
  3. Domain Managers can use the domain manager.
  4. Website Managers can create and edit webpages.

Admin Assistants can be added via the Admin CP Controls page in the Admin CP.

Admin assistants, unlike admins, do not appear on the list of administrators and moderators.

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