ZetaBoards Premium Controls

Upon purchasing ZetaBoards Premium, the ZetaBoards Premium section of your Admin CP will have several new options available for you to play with. This documentation will guide you through what each option does.

This setting allows you to show off the fact you've invested money in your community, by changing the “Hosted for free by ZetaBoards” copyright message at the bottom of your board, to “Powered by ZetaBoards Premium”. By default, this option is set to Yes.

Enable PM Logging

PM Logging allows you to view the personal messages sent and received by members on your board. If enabled, logged PMs will appear in the PM History section of your Admin CP. Only PMs sent when PM logging is enabled will be visible. By default, this option is set to No.

When PM Logging is enabled, users will be presented with a notice indicating that messages sent via the PM system are being logged.
You can disable PM Logging for specific usergroups by going to the Groups section of your Admin CP, clicking on the name of a usergroup you'd like to “protect” from PM Logging, and then enabling the Protect from PM Logging (Do not log this group's PMs) option.

Enable email based subscription notifications

ZetaBoards Premium offers notifications via email on several areas of your board. These include:

  • New reply to topic - By subscribing to topics, users can opt in to receive an email when the topic receives a new reply.
  • New topic in forum - By subscribing to forums on your board, users can opt in to receive an email when the forum has a new topic posted within it.

There are advantages and disadvantages to email based subscription notifications. You can use this option to globally enable or disable all email notifications on your board. By default, this option is set to No.

Post Edit History Visible to

ZetaBoards Premium allows you to see a history of edited posts on your board. This allows you to see the revisions made to posts, and the user who made those revisions. This can also help you “rollback” mistakes made in post edits.

For example, if a user posts a message, and then subsequently edits their post, changing the structure of their post, you can use the Post Edit History feature to see what the post looked like before it was edited.

This option allows you to restrict who has access to the Post Edit History feature. There are 4 levels of restriction:

  • None - Hide Edit Logs - If you'd prefer not to use the Post Edit History feature at all, you can select this option. Logging will be enabled, but not visible.
  • Admins Only - Selecting this option will only allow board administrators to view the Post Edit History of posts.
  • Global Moderators & Admins - This option allows Global Moderators and Administrators to view the edit history.
  • All Moderators & Admins - You can select this option if you'd also like your Individual Forum Moderators to see the edit history, as well as Global Moderators and Administrators.

By default, this option is set to Admins Only.

You can view the Post Edit History of a post by clicking on the View Edit History link in the “Edited By” line of a post. The line will only appear if the option, Show that you edited this post, is ticked when editing a post.

AMT Usage

When in your your Topic Autotool or Member Autotool section you'll see an additional column that shows the number of times a specific AMT has been run.

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